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Customized programs: Prepping for pregnancy

You like to prepare your body to enjoy a healthier pregnancy?

Are you thinking of getting pregnant in the next 6 months?

This program is designed for women who are thinking of getting pregnant and want to establish healthier habits in advance.

Program includes:
Mom n tots:

Moms deserve to take care of themselves too! This program is designed to help the busy mom find time for herself and her fitness goals. I work with you and your baby to address the problematic areas from pregnancy such as diastasis recti and restore pelvic floor muscles. The program includes an initial assessment and goal setting exercise, a customized workout and nutrition plan, and ongoing support in between sessions. I suggest 12 - 36 sessions to maintain maximum results.

Newly Weds or Couples:

Are you looking to start off your marriage by creating the right habits and lifestyle? Or are you two looking to make a change in your life to address your fitness and nutrition? I have specially designed a program where you two can get fit together! The program includes an initial assessment and goal setting exercise, a customized workout and nutrition plan, and ongoing support in between sessions. I suggest 18 - 24 sessions to enjoy maximum results.

Intro to training:

Do you want to get fit, but are not sure where to start? This is a mini version of my "Focus on Fitness" program. In 6 short weeks we'll whet your appetite for fitness and nutrition and set a solid foundation for long term success. I suggest 12 sessions to enjoy maximum results.

Focus on fitness

Are you ready for a change and want to commit to a healthier lifestyle? My 12-week Focus on Fitness program will jump start your fitness and nutrition goals and set a solid foundation for long term success. Expect to lose 3-4 lbs per week when following this program! I suggest 36 sessions to enjoy maximum results.


I highly recommend Tina's services to those seeking to improve their strength/fitness and nutritional awareness.
She possesses a wealth of knowledge and will empower you to improve your own strength with a customized exercise plan you can pursue in the comfort/privacy of your own home. No fancy equipment or gym memberships required.I was in a rut after the birth of my second child. I had become weak and was having a hard time returning to my pre-pregnancy weight. Tina came to my home, did a full fitness assessment and coached me on a strength-building plan. I also kept a food diary, and became more mindful of my food intake.
Four years later, I continue to work with Tina (I now have different fitness goals) and I greatly value her expertise, positive attitude and creativity. She has had a great influence on my life. Thank you, Tina!

VZ - 43

Twice a week for a couple months I’d pack a bag and determine to get my ever growing butt to the the gym, a class or a yoga studio. Inevitably, something would come up or I’d just simply lose any motivation I’d had. I became pregnant, was working long hours out of town and spent most of the rest of my time commuting. I was in the worst shape of my life and wasn’t sure how I was going to mount the monumental events of labour and childbirth. Enough was enough and I searched for someone who would come to me. No more procrastinating. I came across Mommies and Tummies and called Tina to set up our first session. That was almost 5 years ago now. Since then I’ve become a specialist in the field of health and physical education and I continue to work with Tina at least 1/week. I like that each week she arrives at my place. No longer can I procrastinate. She provides me with challenging workouts each week and adjusts movements to my ability (or lack thereof). She monitors my goals and progress along the way and gives me feedback during my workouts (providing proper form and helping get the best out of the exercises). I have come to trust and rely on her and my results speak for themselves...220lbs down to 130 & feeling great back in my clothes again.

SC - 38

Tina was so awesome to train with! From the very start she was very thorough in explaining everything I needed to do to be successful. She made herself available 24/7 if I ever had any questions about meals or exercises and provided great ideas for nutritional meals/snacks. She was so accommodating with little ones!
Tina was always changing the exercises up, so there was constantly something new to try. She is incredibly motivating, supportive and I really enjoy training with her!

AM - 31

“I have worked with ‘Tina the Torturer’ (as I like to call her J) for over 1 ½ years. She comes to our home twice per week for training sessions, and is always on time, cheerful, upbeat and professional. She pushes me (gently) to increase my strength and endurance, is good humoured about my groaning and complaining, and has helped me get in much better shape than I was. I highly recommend her services.”

TD - 65

I have trained with Tina for more than 5 years. She has provided me with a variety of different training programs. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition to help enhance results through weight training. She is always willing to change up training routines as needed to target different parts of the body.

BF - 56

On my 60th birthday, my wife gave me the present of Tina as a personal trainer. While not at the top of my wish list for a present it turns out to have been the gift that keeps on giving. Tina has just the right balance between pressure and motivation, and patience and support. The programs are challenging but have built a core strength that is easily maintained through regular sessions. With Tina, 60 is the new 45!

LW - 64

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